Covid-19 Policy

MASKS: New Students – please wear a mask into the building, and during check-in at your first class. Once you have reached your seating/working space you may remove it if you are vaccinated. When we do certain activities in class, or during breaks where you will be passing people, you may consider masking up. Not everyone is vaccinated, and we wish to keep everyone safe. Classes that are held around holidays, where more people travel, or have visitors, have more opportunities to share the “germs.”

*We are FAMILY DOG OBEDIENCE, and we typically welcome family members. Due to the current guidelines, we are asking to limit this to 1 handler, and we can allow 1 alternate family member per puppy attending if desired. Thank you for helping keep everyone healthy!

What to Bring

  • We will need to see vaccination records for all NEW dogs entering classes.
  • Please bring an empty poop bag, and a water bowl for your dog/puppy. Water bowls can be placed, outside, or on the carpeted areas only.
  • A fanny pack, carpenters apron, training pouch or handlervest is HIGHLY recommended.
  • Collars & leash requirements will be discussed in class emails. NO Retractable leashes permitted in any classes!


  • Please continue the practice of SOCIAL DISTANCING.
  • Please do NOT come to classes if you, or a close family member is ill. 
  • Please do not PARK, or potty your dogs over by the Chinese Restaurant.
  • Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on furniture.
  • Be aware of your dog/puppy being careful they do not climb onto any Agility equipment that may be in your area.
  • Intact male dogs over 8 months of age are not permitted to participate in any classes unless evaluated by the instructor prior to enrolling in a class. Please watch ALL male dogs to prevent MARKING in the building. Repeat offenders may be charged a janitorial fee, or asked to sit out.
  • Do not bring female dogs in heat to any classes or events. Female dogs wearing ‘garments’ to cover them in heat are not permitted either.  You, as the owner, should still attend though.   

Proper Footwear for Handlers

SUMMER: Open-toed, open-heeled sandals, or flip flops will not be permitted. If proper footwear is not worn, you will NOT be permitted to do class, and you can not take class in bare feet. This applies to any family members who are attending classes, including children. If you forget to wear proper shoes, you can either sit out for class, or run down to the local Dollar General to purchase footwear that covers your toes/heels correctly.

WINTER: High-heeled or spike-type shoes/boots will not be permitted. Scarves or items hanging down into the dog’s face will be asked to be removed while training.

Training bags should be fastened around your waist, not hanging over your head/shoulders. Plastic bags holding treats are not an acceptable substitute for a training bag.

Best choice for footwear is “GYM” type shoes-tennis shoes or other footwear that covers HEELS and TOES of the handler.

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