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Agility Rentals

Rental Rules for Agility

Rentals may be reserved by contacting Val at valsk9@yahoo.com
  • A facility manager will be present for all general public rentals.
  • Rentals not permitted for purpose of giving/getting private (paid) instruction, and are for the purpose of working/training your own dog(s).
  • Dogs and handlers must be familiar with the equipment, and the skills necessary to use that equipment.
  • Acknowledgment of Risk, and Waiver for Damages and/or injury form must be signed by each person participating, prior to rental. One will be provided at first rental, and will be on file for 1 year.
  • Small groups of friends may combine rental time, with each person signing the Acknowledgment of Risk/Waiver for Damages form.
  • Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance for any rentals. Reservations are not considered reserved until confirmed by facility manager. Available dates for Agility rentals will be posted on website.
  • No unattended dogs roaming in the building.
  • Promptness: Please be prompt in arriving and departing. Late arrivals will be charged for full rental time, and must leave when reservation expires.
  • NO-SHOWS: Facility manager is obliged to wait 15 minutes for a late arriving renter. FDO has the right to charge the NO-SHOW renter the entire rental fee, which must be paid before NO-SHOW renter reserves ring time again.
  • Janitorial and/or “Pee”nalty will be charged for dogs marking anywhere in the building!
  • Moving equipment: The A-Frame & Dog Walk are not to be moved. The teeter may be moved by at least 2 people, and at least 2 people are required to change height on A-Frame. Dog walk height may be lowered, but returned to full height at end of session.
  • Other equipment may be moved to suit renters needs, however any equipment moved, adjusted, added or removed on the course should be replaced in their original position when finished.
  • All Agility equipment is in good condition and inspected regularly. Any damage occurring during a rental, is the renters responsibility.
  • Treadmills and FitPaws items are not included in this rental option.
  • Weather Permitting: In the event of inclement weather (snow), reservations may be cancelled for safety considerations.
  • Time slots are 30 minute increments.
  • Video surveillance is active on the property.
  • Crating: Renters are not permitted to use facility crates. If crating is desired, you must provide your own. If you wish to rent one of our crates, the fee is an additional $5 per crate/dog. We have a variety of sizes available. Bedding is not provided.
  • COVID-19 Precautions: It is requested that renters follow current CDC guidelines in regards to masks & social distancing. Masks may be lowered during active times on the floor only.
  • NO female dogs in heat.
  • Dogs can be watered near water fountain, or outside only.
  • Pick up after your dog-please use the dumpster outside for debris/deposits.
  • Key Holders may have varying access to facility features.
  • Dogs that have aggressive tendencies towards humans will need pre-approval in the form of a private lesson (1 hr @$75/hr) to participate in rentals. Dogs with aggressive tendencies/dog reactivity, towards other dogs will need to be declared as such. In some cases, rental may not be permitted.  

Current FDO Agility Student Guidelines

In some cases, a key may be issued to a current FDO student. At the end of the rental, lights and heat shall be turned off, FRONT DOOR SHALL BE LOCKED, and that key should be placed in the key holder provided. Student will then exit the building by way of the rear side door, making sure building, gates, and lights are all secured.

All guidelines listed at left for General Public are applicable, with the exception of the Facility Manager being present.

Rental Fees

$22 per half hour / $40 per hour
Fees payable by Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check.  No credit cards accepted.