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About Service/Therapy/ESA Dog Training: What it is and what it is NOT

Family Dog Obedience offers quality training and education for the Family Dog. While we can teach you and your dog to have many of the skills necessary to be a Service Dog, or an Emotional Support Dog, we do not offer any certifications for these titles. We DO offer testing for the Therapy Dog skills through Due to the current situation with COVID, though, those classes are on hold for now.

Not every dog is a candidate for these types of public activities; often they are purposely bred and selected for the tasks required, with careful consideration for temperament and genetics. A tremendous liability exists for dogs that are ‘fake’ service dogs. A vest does not make a dog into a service dog, and a ‘fake’ service dog makes REAL service dogs/owners encounter difficulties they should not have to deal with.
I’ve compiled some additional information regarding service dogs for your convenience:
  • From What Is the Difference Between an Emotional Support Animal, Therapy Dog and Service Dog?
  • Interested in learning what a service dog needs to be tested on? From National Service Animal Registry: NSAR Public Access Test for Service Dogs

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