Our Training Philosophies

Our Training Philosophies

While a “trend” in purely positive training is passing through some training schools, Family Dog Obedience believes in a blend of positive training methods, paired with “natural dogmanship” techniques to create a balanced training experience for the dog and the owner. We help you to TEACH your dog what you want him/her to know first. You will learn how to utilize this philosophy to praise your dog when the desired action is given, and how to readjust when your dog doesn’t give you what you ask for. Often, it’s your communication skills that need help. This is not actually DOG TRAINING, it is DOG OWNER TEACHING! Creating a well behaved, pleasant and fun family dog takes time and consistency, with lots of repetitions. There are no shortcuts.

Dogs that have trained with us are happy workers, readily understanding what is asked of them, and are rewarded for their best efforts. Some of our mottos include “Don’t blame them, train them!” and “Change the environment, change the behavior.”

Extra Help

Occasionally, extra help is needed by learning how to use some of the other training tools that are available, such as Electronic/Static control collars, or Prong collars. If you are considering using these tools, PLEASE ask for help, training, and advice to learn how to use these tools correctly. We often recommend a Vibration collar for a Deaf dog as a POSITIVE communication tool! We can help you choose safe, effective training equipment options, and can work with you privately to help with these items. Don’t be influenced by those horrible pictures you see on the internet… oftentimes those pictures are depicting outright abuse of the tools they are trying to condemn. Think of it this way: A hammer can be used to build a beautiful house, or it can be used to smash a window…it’s not the tool, it is the USE of the tool. Please call Val at 412-302-6736 for more details and help.

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