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COVID-19 Protocol

Safety is our Priority

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and a LARGE portion of families getting dogs and puppies during this time!, we have had to restructure some of our Entry-level classes for now. This will help reduce the number of students entering the building, and allow us time to meet the demand of students needing classes. 

Our first priority for classes that will be offered is aimed at the PUPPY class level. We have temporarily reduced our allowable number of students in these classes to 8 participants, however, one additional family member (per puppy) may attend as an alternate handler. We apologize for these restrictions.


Masks must be worn during breaks, during cross-traffic exercises, and when entering or leaving the building. Once you have reached your work area, you may choose to unmask if you wish. Instructors are not wearing masks while teaching, as there is a significant area for social distancing. 

Class Format

Most class offerings will now be a blend of emails interspersed with ‘in-person’ classes. We will also be setting up a special Facebook group for our members, which will give you the weekly lessons to be combined with ‘in-person” classes.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. 

Stay safe, 


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