I’ve been part of the FDO family for 11 years. Val has been there for us every step of the way. She helped turn our fearful stray mutt puppy into a certified therapy dog with numerous competition obedience titles. She’s currently helping us with our youngster who is still working toward being a great family member. You can’t find a more supportive and knowledgeable trainer than Val or a better dog family than the friends you’ll make in classes at FDO.

D. B.

FDO is a professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable dog training facility. We love how lessons are broken down from very basic and gradual advancement. Val is thorough and will give you vast information for a reasonable price. You definitely get your moneys worth and then some! Val is also readily available and answers very quickly when I asked questions outside of the class setting. I feel very comfortable and confident and feel that I have the skills that I need to have a well trained dog. I highly recommend FDO.

Mia Tepper

I found my way to Family Dog Obedience nearly two years ago when I brought home my Doberman puppy. I waited a long time for this particular puppy, and I was getting him to be my Service Dog prospect, and first show/sport dog. Val gives both great lessons online, and in person. The very detailed written out portions of the lessons made surviving life with a new puppy during a pandemic bearable and fun. Val also has a wide array knowledge about agility, rally, dog fitness, obedience, scent work, and more. She is also encouraging, and supportive. She does her best to answer questions, and give options to choose from in how to shape a behavior. I love the follow up fun classes like Versatility, and the building is very nice (and accessible) to train in. She maintains a welcoming environment for newbies or experience dog owners. When people in the area are asking me for a dog trainer I recommend FDO first.

Francine Maitland

Val, You came to our house when we had first gotten our German Shepherd. She was a stray, and the consult was several years ago.

I just wanted to thank you. A lot of things from that first consult have helped me as I have worked with her, and she is now a pretty well-adjusted, happy dog. She didn’t show any sign of joy or affection for the longest time, and now she does. She responded to the routine you suggested, being consistent with boundaries, and not babying her. We still have work to do, but I just wanted to thank you for your help.
Hannah R.

Val truly cares about her students (both two and four-legged). She has the knowledge, skills, and creativity to provide guidance in any situation. Learning from Val has greatly improved my relationship with my dogs. I don’t know where we’d be without her and FDO.

Patty End

I spoke to you on the phone about my dog and her separation anxiety. Let me just thank you first of all for 1. not being a total flake and 2. for not treating me like I’m doing something horrible to my dog. I have spoken to quite a few trainers who have had no sense of humor, would only talk about their own dogs, or yelled at me for doing what my vet & l thought should be done with my dog. I appreciate it so much.  Your advice was really helpful!

Thanks again so much,

K. L.

Hi Val, Thanks to your help, my dog passed the Therapy Dog test!!!!!!! She did everything perfect. We did a hike and some practice with a neighbor dog, and we also arrived an hour early to walk around, practicing “leave it” with everyone that walked by. By the time we got to meet-n-greet, she couldn’t have cared less about meeting anyone else.

Just wanted to pass along the good news and thank you for your help and training.

R. A.

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