Private Instruction

Private Instruction Frequently Asked Questions

“Do I have to do the training of my dog? My neighbor just sent her dog to a trainer for 2 weeks?”

It’s a fact that the best, most successful dog training is addressed at teaching YOU, the dog owner! Simply sending your dog off to a trainer is a short cut, and does not give consistent results. You, the dog owner, MUST be involved with that training. Family Dog Obedience takes pride in our methods that offer effective, fun, balanced, and creative ways to teach you to train your dog.

“What type of things can you help me work on in these lessons?”

We can address general obedience commands during a private lesson. We can also use private lessons to help you address issues that you are experiencing at home, like separation anxiety, crate training issues, puppy management strategies, excessive or demand barking, etc. with great results. These topics are not typically addressed in group class, which tend to focus on obedience commands like Heel, Stay, Sit & Come. Private lessons are also a great choice for someone with an irregular schedule that prohibits them from attending classes.

”My dog is very smart, and pretty well behaved, except when around other dogs. I want to do more with him/her, can you help?”

Private lessons are also offered for the various class skills, for dogs that don’t do well in a group class environment. Activities like Clicker, Agility, Obedience commands, Fitness/treadmill, Rally, and other activities, can be worked on. We can even provide a “distraction dog” in a controlled environment to help your dog acclimate to other dogs in the room.

“I just moved here, and I did some training at another training school. Can I get into your classes?”

A private lesson can be used as a “placement” evaluation to see where you would fit in with our training classes. There is a fee for this evaluation.

“How many lessons do I need to do?”

You will see changes after just ONE appointment, but keep in mind that the behavioral problems you are experiencing have taken months to develop. Over time, the basic obedience commands will be brought into your private sessions for greater success. We recommended that your family consider budgeting for several lessons, which can be spaced a few weeks apart. These follow-up lessons can fine-tune any new developments in your “pack” and leave everybody happy with the new arrangement.

“Do you offer package discounts?”

Package discounts are available for 5 or more lessons that are booked and prepaid in advance. Please ask when scheduling.

“I just want a dog that listens…”

This comment is a loaded statement. A dog will listen to an owner worth listening to. Do you tell your dog to COME in the house, and then put him in a crate and leave for work? Do you say Sit, Sit Down, Sit sit sit sit, and then give up or go for a cookie to get her to sit? Do you allow your dog to jump on you, but don’t want him to jump on guests? That is the point of doing private instruction with Family Dog: we help you find the communication tools to have a dog that WANTS to listen to you!

Because of the limited availability, and liability, we are no longer taking on clients/cases for dogs with aggressive behaviors towards people, other dogs, or dogs that have a bite history.

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