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Specialty seminars are offered throughout the year (depending on interest), and can be anything from Canine Good Citizen Classes with testing, Flyball classes, or Rally O classes, as well as focusing on one particular aspect of dog training, such as creating a better Recall, or better Heeling, with your dog. For more information, please ask!

Have an idea for a class or seminar that you would like to teach? The new Family Dog Training center is the perfect place to start your own dog teaching career! You can test the waters with an idea for a class or seminar topic that you are interested in, in a dog-friendly, adaptable, and equipped dog training space. Here are some previous seminars that have been offered, and can be repeated if requested.

Please contact Val with your idea and a class outline to learn more. 

Virtual Rally – Novice Level

FDO will provide two of the five predesigned official NOVICE rally courses on October 2nd, and two different NOVICE courses on October 3rd. You can view the courses from the AKC website, under Rally Novice Virtual Pilot Program. We will record your performance with your device, or you may bring a helper to record the performance. You will be responsible for submitting those recordings and proper fees to the AKC for a judge to review. 

You will have the option of running any or all of the courses. You can also repeat your course multiple times in the time allotted, to get the best performance recorded.

This is a great opportunity to continue your training and obtain a title in just 2 days, without having to buy or print all the necessary Rally cards, travel, or wait for hours to get your turn in the Rally ring. You can also take advantage of our climate controlled conditions, without the distractions of neighbors, FEDEX, UPS, loose dogs, neighbors mowing grass, kids etc.  

Social distancing protocols will be strongly enforced for the safety of all. Common areas will be cleaned frequently. Masks must be worn indoors but may be lowered while you are navigating the course with your dog. No crates to be brought in the building.

For more information please click on the link to the AKC Virtual Rally Pilot Program. AKC Rally® Virtual Pilot Program – American Kennel Club

WHEN: October 2 from 4:00pm until last appointment, or 8:00pm: Courses 1 & 3 and/or
October 3 from 9:00am until last appointment or 12:00pm: Courses 2 & 4

WHERE: Family Dog Obedience, 1698 North Main St Ext Butler PA 16001

WHAT: Appointment spots are 15 minutes long – enough time to easily run through 2 NOVICE Rally courses 

HOW MUCH: $15 Payment in advance (mailed or dropped off); $18 at the day of event

HOW TO SIGN UP: Email Misty to reserve a spot. Her email is titan2black@gmail.com

• Procedures for the event will be emailed to you when registration time is confirmed  •

AKC ACT (Agility Course Test) Virtual Program

Now available at Family Dog Obedience!

Interested in earning your ACT2 title, but don’t have all the required equipment? Are you worried about heat, humidity, rain, or wet grass? Is your neighborhood full of distractions like barking dogs, or lawn mowers?

Family Dog Obedience is excited to participate in the AKC ACT Virtual Program by providing exhibitors with a climate controlled, rubber matted facility with all AKC regulation agility equipment to record your virtual ACT2 courses.

Make your reservation now to record your ACT2 agility runs at Family Dog Obedience. Our facility will be available and pre-set with AKC courses ACT 2 SET D.
No course maps will be provided.

Bring your dog, your phone/tablet for videoing, and a friend if you like, to help you out.

Your facility fee includes a 20-minute session, which is ample time to run both rounds if you wish. You can have unlimited runs within that time period, but we cannot extend your session.

Facility fee: $30.00 per session

You have the option of running Round 1 & Round 2 in your session if you wish, in the time allowed.

You are responsible for submitting your video to the AKC and sending in their required fees for your submission.

Physical distancing protocols will be adhered to for the safety of all involved. Our personnel will move/handle all the agility equipment. Common areas will be cleaned frequently. MASKS must be worn while indoors, but may be lowered while you are running your dog.

No other dogs in the building while recording courses.

No crates to be brought in the building. Dogs will remain safely confined in vehicles or held by your friend during your walk-through.

You will be responsible for providing a fully functioning video device. Our personnel will record the run at your request, or you may have your helper accompany you and do the videoing.

If you do not complete what you feel is a successful run/video within the 20 minutes, you will have to rebook another session.

For complete rules and information on how to submit your videos for evaluation see https://www.akc.org/sports/agility/act-program/act-virtual-program/

Appointments can be made by emailing Pam at ramarfarm@hotmail.com. First come, first serve. Please specify your JUMP HEIGHT, and if you have a preferred time slot, and we will do what we can for you.

At your appointment time, please enter through our front doors. You will exit out of our side/back door. Please potty your dog using our grassy area by the dumpster prior to entering.


Thursday, August 13 beginning at 4:00pm


Saturday, August 15 beginning at  9:00am 


Facility fee: $30.00 per appointment. 

After you have made your appointment with Pam, please use the express registration form for payment, which can be mailed or dropped off at FDO, 1698 North Main Street Ext., Butler PA 16001

Payment must be received PRIOR to your appointment! 

Agility Run-Throughs

Multiple options of courses will be offered, and time on the floor will be reserved by jump heights. You will be able to run once or multiple times, or select segments of the course to practice as you wish. Dogs must remain behind ring gating or be otherwise contained when it is not their turn to run. You may register with more than one dog, or participate in more than one run-through. Class time will run until everyone is finished, or 9:00 pm. Run-throughs are $5 for the first run and $3 for each run after that per person/dog. Disruptive, uncontrollable dogs may be excused.

AKC Virtual Rally

Coming soon!

Puppy Gym

Coming soon!

Don’t Leave Me!

Coming soon!

Small Dog Class

Coming soon!

Intro to Treadmill Class

Scheduled in small groups of 4 dogs, Introduction to Treadmill Class will cover some basic assessments of the type and temperament of each dog, and a step by step breakdown of the process. Time will be spent getting your dog acclimated to the various platforms and styles of treadmills, with the focus of the experience being an all positive one. Class size is chosen based on size/length of dog-2 large treadmills, and 2 small/medium treadmills are available. If you don’t have a treadmill at home, opportunities exist for you to continue to use our treadmills for a small fee.

REQUIREMENTS – It is recommended that your dog has attended Complete Puppy classes and/or Basic Manners classes with us in order to enroll. Dogs must be well-socialized and non-reactive to people or other dogs to participate.

Seminar date to be announced.

Who is Training Who?

Coming soon!

FDO Fit Fido

This class will show you how to improve your dog’s fitness level through a combination of balance, strength, endurance, and stretching exercises, both with FitPaws canine fitness equipment, treadmills, and everyday items you may have at home. The goals are to help your dog achieve health at any age, or stage of life, and get body systems working at optimal levels with conditioning. These activities can improve body awareness, maintain mobility, and decrease risk of injury for the active dog, as well as build confidence, create focus, and improve your relationship with your dog. This class is great for ALL dogs, not just dogs who compete. More information about FIT DOG Clubs – American Kennel Club 

For more details about the products used, visit www.fitpawsusa.com or www.totofit.com

REQUIREMENTS – Because of the nature of the equipment used in Fit Fido classes, dogs that are signed up MUST have ‘groomed’ nails: clipped AND filed or ground to take off the sharp edges. If your dog is not tolerant of nail clipping or grinding, you can still participate in the class, but you may not be able to use the large air inflated items like the Peanut, Ball, or large Egg-shaped items when it comes time to introduce them. You WILL still gain the benefits of using the other items, like wobble boards, balance disks, and cavaletti, etc. We can also offer training to help your dog become more comfortable with their nails being groomed in a separately scheduled private lesson.

Seminar date to be announced.

Agility Secrets

Coming soon!

Intro to Clicker Training

Clicker Training is an effective and pet-friendly method of dog training that anyone can learn. Clicker training can help to teach tricks, solve common behavior problems, and help progress training in games like TreibballAgility, or other dog sports. Using a clicker (a small noisemaker that makes a clicking sound) is a brief, audible, and consistent way to reward. Clicker training takes minutes to learn, but can be used for a lifetime of training. This class will introduce the clicker to your dog, and help the student learn the “how, when, where, and why” of the benefits of Clicker Training. Students will be given projects and assignments to work on in class and at home.

REQUIREMENTS – Dogs need to be social with people and other dogs, and be willing/interested and comfortable eating food rewards during the training process. For clicker class you will need 1. A clicker 2. A treat pouch (both of which are available for sale at the class) 3. A lot of small, bite-sized tasty rewards such as diced cheese bits, freeze-dried liver, etc.

Seminar date to be announced.

Café Class (aka Socialization Class)

The Café class is a semi-social event. It is designed to help dogs and owners practice “socialization.” Behaving in various social settings such as cafés, veterinarians offices, and other locations around people and other dogs, in a calm, and accepting manner is an important skill, and it needs to be practiced routinely. Activities include: teaching the dog how to go under a table/chair and lay quietly for short periods of time; how to stay in the “down” position while people, bikes, other dogs, and other distractions pass by; and most importantly, how to behave in the presence of food – without begging! Café class is one hour long, and will be offered periodically throughout the year. This is a great activity to help folks practice for the Therapy Dog test, (TDI) and also the Community Canine Test (CGCA).

REQUIREMENTS – Café class is open to dogs and puppies ages 3 months and up-however this is not an ENTRY level class. Dogs that are disruptive and unmanageable will be requested to schedule a private lesson. Students that sign up may bring a snack or beverage of their choice, but coffee and donuts will be provided.

Seminar date to be announced.

Trick Dog Testing

Family Dog is working out the details on TRICK DOG classes. Students are encouraged to attend VERSATILITY class to practice their tricks skills for now, as we are only offering testing by appointment for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. NOTE: Testing is by appointment. Use Express Registration form. Four appointments are available each day, 15 minutes apart. Please be flexible with your availability on your chosen day. More information on the AKC website.

REQUIREMENTS – Students MUST provide all paperwork, and props as needed. Weave poles are available; additional $2 charge *MAY apply for set up. 

Seminar date to be announced.

So You Want Your Dog to Become a Therapy Dog?

GREAT – You are invited to come to this event to learn more about the exciting opportunities to become a therapy dog team with your favorite furry friend. The session will introduce you to the important considerations and requirements of a therapy dog teams. Topics will include specifying the requirements of the dog and the handler for Pet Therapy, and hints on how to get started. The session will provide an overview of Pet Partners, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization that registers volunteer teams (human & pet) to provide animal-assisted interventions. The session will be presented by Yvonne Eaton-Stull a handler and therapist with 12 years of experience with registered therapy dogs and certified crisis response dogs and Debbi Hutchins, a handler and therapist with 10 years of experience working with registered therapy dogs. Both have experience working in a diversity of human service settings. Come join us for an informative and fun evening. Please, no dogs at this event.  

Presented by Pet Partners; Held at Family Dog Obedience training center (1698 North Main St. Ext., Butler, PA 16001)

Seminar date to be announced.

Bark ‘n Barter

Got unwanted or extra dog items lying around? Do you want to replace them with some CASH or trade them for something else? Or do you have a dog-related craft or item you’d like to market?


Are you looking for good deals on dog training items, like Agility equipment, crates, books, or obedience equipment, Noseworks supplies, collars, leashes, dog videos or magazines, homemade dog treats, or (if we have a rescue group commit) maybe even meet your new best friend?

Family Dog Obedience & My Dogz LLC Activity center will be holding the area’s ONLY indoor dog-related item flea market!

Dates TBA 

Family Dog Obedience (1698 North Main St Ext, Butler, PA 16001)

For more info, Valsk9@yahoo.com or 412-302-6736

Local vendors wanted!
Rent a space, bring your own table and sell or trade your stuff! 10’ space for $10. Reserve your space early!

Canine Freestyle

Dancing with your dog, without the actual dancing part. We will introduce common moves and techniques, and work on creating simple routines. Freestyle is a great way to bond with your dog and just have some fun. This is a BEGINNER class. Seminar date to be announced.

The Nose Knows

An Introduction to the Dog Sport of Noseworks

Free lecture/demonstration held at Family Dog Obedience training center with a Q&A session following. Reservations are REQUIRED to attend this free lecture. Please use the Family Dog Obedience class registration form, and mark it NOSE KNOWS LECTURE or you can leave a voicemail at 412-302-6736 with number of people attending and contact info.

There is also a Nose Knows 4-week class. Cost of the class is $80 (plus a fee for the mock event if there is interest). Class size is limited to 8-10 dogs. REGISTRATION is required for the class, and it is first come – first serve. Payment in full as a deposit will hold a spot in class and we are accepting registrations now. Please use the Family Dog Obedience class registration form, and mark it NOSE KNOWS CLASS.

Note: You can attend the lecture and not the class, or the class and not the lecture. You are not required to do both. 

Class details: This activity allows dogs to work individually, so while one dog is working, ALL other dogs must be in another area, such as a crate, or in your vehicle if weather permits. You must provide your own crate, and your dog should be comfortable being crated during these classes.

Class will be taught by Gretchen Meyer. Gretchen has been active in a variety of dog activities, from agility to hunt tests, and obedience. In 2012 she was introduced to NACSW and loved the fact that dogs of any age, size, breed, or shape can easily enjoy the sniff and find game.  The activity creates confidence, and helps build trust between dog and owner. Gretchen has titled many of her dogs in the Noseworks venue, and continues to attend education workshops and seminars. Her motto is “The K9 nose knows how to have fun.” Seminar date to be announced.

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