• Training Philosophies

  • While a “trend” in purely positive training is passing through some training schools, Family Dog Obedience believes in a blend of positive training methods, paired with “natural dogmanship” techniques to create a balanced training experience for the dog and the owner. You will learn how to utilize this philosophy to praise your dog when the desired action is given, and how to readjust when your dog doesn’t give you what you ask for. Often, it’s your communication skills that need help. Dogs that have trained with us are happy workers, readily understanding what is asked of them, and are rewarded for their best efforts. Some of our mottos include “Don’t blame them, train them!” and “Change the environment, change the behavior."

  • Research and Development Team

    Val’s own family dogs provide a wealth of information and opportunities to try out new training techniques and philosophies. Every training method that is utilized on your dog has been researched with her own beloved family pets.