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Specialty seminars are offered throughout the year (depending on interest), and can be anything from Canine Good Citizen Classes with testing, Flyball classes, or Rally O classes, as well as focusing on one particular aspect of dog training, such as creating a better Recall, or better Heeling, with your dog. For more information, please ask!

Have an idea for a class or seminar that you would like to teach? The new Family Dog Training center is the perfect place to start your own dog teaching career! You can test the waters with an idea for a class or seminar topic that you are interested in, in a dog-friendly, adaptable, and equipped dog training space. Here are some previous seminars that have been offered, and can be repeated if requested.

Please contact Val with your idea and a class outline to learn more. 

So You Want Your Dog to Become a Therapy Dog?

GREAT – You are invited to come to this event to learn more about the exciting opportunities to become a therapy dog team with your favorite furry friend. The session will introduce you to the important considerations and requirements of a therapy dog teams. Topics will include specifying the requirements of the dog and the handler for Pet Therapy, and hints on how to get started. The session will provide an overview of Pet Partners, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization that registers volunteer teams (human & pet) to provide animal-assisted interventions. The session will be presented by Yvonne Eaton-Stull a handler and therapist with 12 years of experience with registered therapy dogs and certified crisis response dogs and Debbi Hutchins, a handler and therapist with 10 years of experience working with registered therapy dogs. Both have experience working in a diversity of human service settings. Come join us for an informative and fun evening. Please, no dogs at this event.  

Presented by Pet Partners; Held at Family Dog Obedience training center (1698 North Main St. Ext., Butler, PA 16001)

Seminar date: Sunday, January 21 at 3:00pm

RSVP & Questions to Val Klein – valsk9@yahoo.com

Bark ‘n Barter

The 2017 Bark ‘n Barter event was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out. See you in the Spring of 2018!

Got unwanted or extra dog items lying around? Do you want to replace them with some CASH or trade them for something else? Or do you have a dog-related craft or item you’d like to market?


Are you looking for good deals on dog training items, like Agility equipment, crates, books, or obedience equipment, Noseworks supplies, collars, leashes, dog videos or magazines, homemade dog treats, or (if we have a rescue group commit) maybe even meet your new best friend?

Family Dog Obedience & My Dogz LLC Activity center will be holding the area’s ONLY indoor dog-related item flea market!

Dates TBA (Spring 2018)

Family Dog Obedience (1698 North Main St Ext, Butler, PA 16001)

For more info, Valsk9@yahoo.com or 412-302-6736

Local vendors wanted!
Rent a space, bring your own table and sell or trade your stuff! 10’ space for $10. Reserve your space early!

Take It or Leave It Seminar

The “Take It or Leave It Seminar” will focus on all aspects of dogs and their desires to put things in their mouths. Commands like take it, leave it, drop it, give it, bring it, fetch it, etc. will be discussed and practiced. We will also talk about the infamous “tug of war” game and how and when you should – or shouldn’t – use it!

Class is open to dogs over 6 months of age only – no puppies! This will be a 2-hour seminar, with a short break. Class size is limited to 10 dogs/handlers. All items and props will be provided to use that day. Seminar date to be announced.

Housebreaking 101

A casual meeting for the puppies, while we discuss housetraining tips, ideas, successes, and strategies. We will also work on becoming more successful with crate and/or confinement training. Seminar date to be announced.

Canine Freestyle

Dancing with your dog, without the actual dancing part. We will introduce common moves and techniques, and work on creating simple routines. Freestyle is a great way to bond with your dog and just have some fun. This is a BEGINNER class. Seminar date to be announced.

Treibball (Ball Herding)

Treibball is a new way to play with your dog! It’s a competitive sport for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. It promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and his handler. It’s great fun for any energetic dog who works well off-leash and needs a job, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn’t have sheep!

If you haven’t seen the game in action yet, watch the videos on the American Treibball YouTube channel or check it out on Facebook.

Treibball began in Germany, but it’s perfect for our American dogs and their owners too! It provides an opportunity for energetic dogs to use their herding instinct, play chase games, and use their problem solving abilities. It’s fun and does not require a lot of special equipment. Treibball training can also build confidence for the shy dog, and help reactive dogs with impulse control.

Playing Treibball uses a combination of skills-positive reinforcement, classic obedience and herding cues. The game consists of your dog working off-leash and obeying your cues to drive eight balls into a goal within a specific time limit, using his nose or shoulders to drive the balls into the goal.

REQUIREMENTS – This class is perfect for dogs who loves to play chase games. Dogs must show some control and communication while off-leash, and know some basic cues. It is recommended that your dog has attended Complete Puppy classes and/or Basic Manners classes with us in order to enroll. Dogs must be well-socialized and non-reactive to people or other dogs to participate. 

You will need to bring a 20-foot long line and a 6’ wooden dowel or staff to help guide the balls into a goal. Fitness balls are provided for use in class.

Flyball Class

Flyball is a relay race, team sport. There are 4 dogs on a team, a lane of 4 jumps and at the end of the lane is the flyball box. The dog has to go over the jumps, hit the box, which propels the ball. Your dog catches the ball, runs back over the jumps and then the next dog goes. It is a lot of fun, and it is a very fast paced game to play. Even if you don’t want to compete in flyball, it is a great way for a dog to blow off steam and have a blast doing it. The focus of the class is to introduce the sport and teach the different elements, such as hurdle jumping, introduction to the flyball box, and box turns.

REQUIREMENTS – Your dog should love tennis balls, and MUST be dog-friendly and people-friendly. It is recommended that your dog has attended Complete Puppy classes and Basic Manners classes with us in order to enroll. Dogs must be well-socialized and non-reactive to people or other dogs to participate.

Barrel Racing Class

Similar to the horse racing sport, three barrels are placed in a triangular formation, and the dogs must gallop around them in a set pattern. The dogs run off-leash and the handler may guide the dog around the barrels in any fashion with voice commands or hand signals. Handlers are not permitted to touch the dog, touch the barrels, or have outside help from spectators. The handler is also not allowed to carry food on the course. However, the handler may carry a toy or ball for encouragement, to promote speed and enthusiasm and as a reward at the end of the run. The dog must pass through the start and finish poles and the toy/ball can be thrown across the finish line to ensure a fast return run. As a competitive sport, this can be a timed event. We will practice shaping the behaviors of the “run out” and away, of circling the cones, and learning the various patterns that the barrels can be arranged, focusing on the fun elements in a non-competitive way. Clicker training or marker training principles will be applied. Barrel Racing class is 4 weeks long, with ongoing practices scheduled in the future.

REQUIREMENTS – This class is open to all dogs ages 6 months and up. It is recommended that your dog has attended Complete Puppy classes and/or Basic Manners classes with us in order to enroll. Dogs must be well-socialized and non-reactive to people or other dogs to participate.

The Nose Knows

An Introduction to the Dog Sport of Noseworks

Seminar date to be announced.

Free lecture/demonstration held at Family Dog Obedience training center with a Q&A session following. Reservations are REQUIRED to attend this free lecture. Please use the Family Dog Obedience class registration form, and mark it NOSE KNOWS LECTURE or you can leave a voicemail at 412-302-6736 with number of people attending and contact info.

There is also a Nose Knows 4-week class. Cost of the class is $80 (plus a fee for the mock event if there is interest). Class size is limited to 8-10 dogs. REGISTRATION is required for the class, and it is first come – first serve. Payment in full as a deposit will hold a spot in class and we are accepting registrations now. Please use the Family Dog Obedience class registration form, and mark it NOSE KNOWS CLASS.

Note: You can attend the lecture and not the class, or the class and not the lecture. You are not required to do both. 

Class details: This activity allows dogs to work individually, so while one dog is working, ALL other dogs must be in another area, such as a crate, or in your vehicle if weather permits. You must provide your own crate, and your dog should be comfortable being crated during these classes.

Class will be taught by Gretchen Meyer. Gretchen has been active in a variety of dog activities, from agility to hunt tests, and obedience. In 2012 she was introduced to NACSW and loved the fact that dogs of any age, size, breed, or shape can easily enjoy the sniff and find game.  The activity creates confidence, and helps build trust between dog and owner. Gretchen has titled many of her dogs in the Noseworks venue, and continues to attend education workshops and seminars. Her motto is “The K9 nose knows how to have fun.”

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