Pittsburgh Area Classes

The Dog Stop (www.thedogstop.net) is conveniently located at 1140 Washington Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. This facility is over 17,000 square feet, making it the perfect location for Family Dog Obedience classes.

Boyd Community Center (www.boydcommunitycenter.org) is conveniently located at 1220 Powers Run Road, Pittsburgh (Fox Chapel) 15238. Classes at the Boyd Center are held year round: During the winter months, classes are held inside. When the weather is nice, classes are held outdoors in the tennis court area.

Urban Dog Daycare (www.urbandogusa.com) is located at 5601 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Urban Dog is a 7000 sq. ft. facility that is perfect for classes our classes.

Classes at these locations are offered at different days and times throughout the year. Please see our Class Schedule for class dates, times and prices, and read Class Descriptions prior to registering. You must REGISTER and PREPAY to attend classes. Please download Registration Form and mail – along with payment – to Val Klein, 126 Dinnerbell Road, Butler, PA 16002

Any class without minimum requirement sign-ups may be postponed. Proof of vaccinations are required to attend. For more information, please email Val at valsk9@yahoo.com or call 412-302-6736.

Things You Need to Know About Dog Classes:

PLEASE read the following information before starting classes!

1) All dogs and owners must observe the “3 foot rule.” This means that everyone must stay at least 3 feet away from every other dog, especially the first day of class. Some dogs can be very excitable – or even aggressive – at close range. We want you to be safe! BE AWARE of your dog's location at all times.

2) Your dog should be on a 4’ or 6’ leash (NO retractable leashes) and wearing an appropriate “training collar" – ie.: Gentle Leader, Martingale collar, choke collar, or EZ walk harness. If you have collar questions, please contact me ahead of time! Leather leashes are HIGHLY recommended, as nylon leashes can burn your hands. We will review different collars during the first class.

3) All dogs must be current on vaccinations to be enrolled. Proof of vaccinations may be requested.

4) Open-toed shoes and/or Flip Flop type shoes are NOT permitted to be worn during classes. Please wear Gym-type shoes.

5) Please bring a supply of small pieced treats to use as rewards for the training exercises, or you may bring a toy that your dog likes. A fanny pack or “bait bag” is a good way to carry them. Please do NOT feed your dog a full-sized meal prior to your class. Avoiding a full meal before class will encourage attention and discourage potty accidents.

6) Please arrive on time.

7) If you are unable to attend all classes in your session, you may attend a “make-up” class (a class at equivalent level) within 60 days for a $10.00 charge. Notice is required for this policy to be effective.

CANCELLATIONS VIA EMAIL AND/OR TEXT ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Appointments are made by phone, and cancellations deserve the same courtesy.

8) If your dog is an unspayed female, and she enters a heat cycle, please do not bring her to class, but YOU should still attend. Intact male dogs over the age of 8 months are not permitted to enroll without prior authorization.

9) Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. However, there are no babysitting services available. Children under the age of 14 are not considered to be eligible to participate in class, unless prior approval is given.

10) We will take a break at halfway point. You should bring clean up bags with you. Water & bowls are usually available at each class site.


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