• Class Rules



    We will greet you as you enter the building. We will need to see:

    1. Vaccination Records – Not every puppy will have the Rabies shot at this time, but we will permit your puppy in class with a veterinarian receipt for wellness visit and shots up to that point. When your puppy DOES receive the Rabies shot, we will want to see that record also. PUPPIES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CLASS IF THEY HAVE NOT HAD A WELLNESS VISIT / SHOTS BY A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE BY THE TIME THE FIRST CLASS STARTS. If you forget your vaccinations, you will have to sit out the first class; we cannot be calling your veterinarian right before a class begins. 
    2. Identification for Your Puppy – An ID tag with your name and phone number, OR a Rabies tag, OR the County License. These tags MUST be ON their collar. 
    3. An empty poop bag for cleanup. 
    4. A water bowl or watering device, if you wish. You may water your dog in the water fountain area, on carpeted areas, or outside. Please: No water bowls on the rubber floor.

    After check-in, please take an available seat farthest away from the door to allow other students to come in without having to pass your dog.


    Same items as above, with the exception that you must show current Rabies receipt; tags are not accepted as proof. After check-in, please take an available seat farthest away from the door to allow other students to come in without having to pass your dog. 


    • All dogs and owners must observe the “3 foot rule.” This means that everyone must stay at least 3 feet away from every other dog, especially the first day of class. BE AWARE of your dog's location at all times.
    • Please arrive about 10 minutes before your class begins.
    • Intact male dogs over 8 months of age are not permitted to participate in any classes unless they have been evaluated by the instructor prior to enrolling in a class. Please watch ALL male dogs to prevent MARKING in the building. Repeat offenders may be charged a janitorial fee, or asked to sit out.
    • Do not bring female dogs in heat to any classes or events. You, as the owner, should still attend though. Female dogs wearing 'garments' to cover them in heat are not permitted either.
    • Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. However, there are no babysitting services available. Children under the age of 14 are not considered to be eligible to participate as a primary handler in class, unless prior approval is given. Please tell your children they are NOT permitted to pet other dogs in class unless permission is given to do so; not all dogs are comfortable with children, and we want to keep everyone safe & happy.
    • We will take a break at the halfway point. Please use the designated potty area for dogs; do not go over towards our neighbors at the Chinese Restaurant.
    • DO NOT PARK at the Chinese restaurant.
    • Please do not allow your dogs or children to climb on any of the Agility training equipment.
    • With the quantity of dogs that come to see us, please do not allow your dog on the furniture. We want to keep it nice for us to sit on.



    COLLARS: It is NOT necessary for you to run out to buy a collar before class begins. We will discuss correct collars the first class, as each puppy is an individual. If you choose a Harness, REAR clasp harnesses are NOT recommended for puppies over 20 pounds. We prefer to use FRONT clasp, or multi-clasp harnesses. Please be sure your puppy is wearing an appropriately SIZED collar / harness that they can not slip out of. 
    LEASHES: Your dog should be on a 4’ or 6’ leash (preferably leather). NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES PERMITTED. Nylon and/or rope leashes are fine, but you will discover that those types of materials will hurt your hands.    


    COLLARS & LEASHES: Basic Manners students must have included the "Questionnaire" with their registration form. Your dog should be on a 4’ or 6’ leash (preferably leather). NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES PERMITTED. Nylon and/or rope leashes are fine, but you will discover that those types of materials will hurt your hands. Appropriate collars for class include: Gentle Leader, Martingale collar, slip collar, pinch collar, or front / multi-clasp harness. We will review different collars during the first class but the Gentle Leader is one of the "preferred" training collars for MOST (but not all) dogs to start with in Basic Manners Class.    
    TREATS: Please bring a variety of small-pieced treats and have a fanny pack, carpenter apron, or some other dog training treat pouch.
    Keep in mind that keeping your treats interesting is important to keep your puppy motivated and wanting to keep working for you. 
    You should offer at least 3 "TYPES" of treat values.

    Low value treat: Something they like, will eat readily, and is ok to give in larger quantities. I use their kibble, and other brands/varieties of dog food. I collect samples when I can from pet food stores. 

    Medium value treat: Something with a little more "zip" to it, that their noses will appreciate as well as their taste buds. I use string cheese mixed with that kibble.

    High value treat: The super exciting "Oh-my-gosh" (BACON?) type treat! (Not suggesting bacon, just the concept of bacon.) This treat is used sparingly, for extra special training results and to keep them going "Woo hoo!" I use freeze-dried liver treats, FreshPet dog food, Pupperoni, or SMALL pieces of diced hot dogs. 

    Plastic bags carrying treats will not be permitted after the first week of class.
    Please do NOT feed your dog a full-sized meal prior to your class. 


    • Please wear Gym-type shoes. No open-toed, open-heeled sandals, flip flops, or high-heeled type shoes/boots will be permitted. If proper footwear is not worn, you will NOT be permitted to do class, and you can not take class in bare feet. This applies to any family members that are attending classes, including children. This is a safety concern for all, so please be prepared. If you forget to wear proper shoes, you can either sit out for class or run down to the local Dollar General to purchase footwear that covers your toes/heels correctly. Scarves or items hanging down into the dog’s face will be asked to be removed while training.


    Class material will still be emailed to students even when they have to miss a class. These emails are detailed enough that if you have been following along with the classes and homework you will not fall behind. If you wish to complete the STAR PUPPY program, you will NEED to attend a total of SIX classes of the seven offered in order to meet those requirements. If you do not wish to earn Star Puppy, and do your homework and training at home, it is possible for students to complete the requirements for COMPLETE PUPPY, even while missing one or two classes. NO REFUNDS will be given to students dropping out of classes except for in the event of a medical emergency or other family crisis. Students may be offered an alternate class for a reduced rate in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    If you miss 2 classes without informing the instructor that you will be absent, your place in the class MAY be given to a student who has been auditing the class. When classes fill up, we are now offering AUDIT spots to students who want to start training. IF you must miss two classes in a session, please inform your instructor so your place is not given away. Once the auditor student has taken your working spot, you will be offered the chance to take their auditing spot. NO exceptions.

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Due to the current health crisis, Family Dog Obedience is temporarily closed to the public.

We are working on creating some ONLINE class activities to help you continue with the training of your dog or puppy. One possible option we're considering is ZOOM meetings. Please watch your email for information about these options. 

Further communication and helpful training tips will also be posted to our Facebook page

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. 

Stay safe,